In 2020, Accenture partnered up Hyper Island to rebuild their yearly leadership program with 600 emerging leaders across the globe. The wished outcome was to equip leaders with new tools and skills to effectively lead an innovative workforce, and collaborate cross-pillars in the organization.


At the end of 2019, Accenture approached Hyper Island to redesign and deliver their LDP 2020 program for 600 senior leaders designed to encourage innovative thinking and cross-collaboration.

What began as a blended program, with both planned physical and virtual touchpoints, quickly moved into a full online journey due to the pandemic. The core learning outcomes, to encourage innovative thinking and cross-collaboration were put to the test immediately as new ways of working together had to be explored and tested in real time.


The program consisted of four phases that span over five months, each with different themes. The modules featured curated Learning Kits, hosted on MS Teams, with a live session per module accompanied by additional content to work as motivation.

At the start of the program, the participants were divided into smaller teams of six to eight people. These “pods”collaborated on a joint brief, and took on challenges that were presented along the program, as well as shared their experiences and got to know each other.

The program ended with a five-day virtual summit that gathered all 600 participants and other leaders of Accenture. What was called “The Festival of Leadership” consisted of presentations of the work the participants had done throughout the program, inspirational keynote talks, sharing sessions regarding the experience and planning for what their next steps would be.


Throughout the program the participants were self-assessing their personal learnings and new-found capabilities from a predefined framework consisting of specific learning outcomes.


“I have become a master at navigating diverse perspectives and bringing people together to rally behind an idea.”

- LDP 2020 Participant




We saw participants assessing themselves positively throughout the program, and the aggregated result from the program showed a high to very high success.

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Article updated on: 19 June 2024