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19 March 2024
Feeling drained at work? Try Ikigai exercise to reinvigorate your professional purpose
08 February 2022
How do you get accepted to study at Hyper Island?
17 October 2022
How active unemployment led to my dream job

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13 October 2023
How brand and design agency Several is staying ahead of the trend
Several is a small Branding and Design agency with a full-package offering. The core team met whilst studying at Hyper ...
11 October 2023
Heidi Rundt Appointed as New CEO of Hyper Island: “We Must Learn to Navigate the Unknown.”
Hyper Island is delighted to announce the appointment of Heidi Rundt as its new CEO.
24 August 2023
My Brand Strategy and Storytelling experience at Hyper Island
Having worked behind the scenes developing Hyper Island’s brand voice for a number of years, it was about time Senior ...
30 March 2023
How to create a great product experience environment
A self-taught designer that learned everything by trial and error prior to his Hyper Island journey, Albert Zikmund now ...
27 March 2023
The playful ways to facilitate fun at work
The fun at work blog series continues as we shine the spotlight on our collaborator Jenny Theolin. Here, Independent ...
23 March 2023
The making of 400 innovative thinkers at IKEA North Asia
To stay competitive and relevant in today's fast-paced world, innovative thinking is critical. At Hyper Island, we ...
09 February 2023
How to approach your application task
10 January 2023
Bolt x Hyper Island: ‘Evil eye’ campaign addresses e-scooter parking anger
The challenge You’ll know Bolt for their diverse offering ranging from ride-hailing to food and grocery delivery to car ...
Volvo and Hyper Island
10 January 2023
Volvo and Hyper Island continue partnership to drive change
17 October 2022
How active unemployment led to my dream job
Former Business Developer student, Christian Rodriguez has been on quite the employment journey. From rocket scientist ...
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