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Business Transformation

Lead effectively, grow your people and drive innovation with tailored learning experiences


Transform Your Organisation with Tailored Learning Experiences

For 28 years, Hyper Island has been helping organisations nurture and grow the skills, attitudes, and confidence needed to navigate what's next.

By immersing clients in tailored journeys, we create a completely unconventional learning environment where your team can engage, explore, and grow together.

So whether you are looking to upskill your teams, create a new leadership program, design a coaching package for leaders, or plan an unforgettable event, we're here to help you make your change real, hands-on, and effective.

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Trusted by leading brands
LVMH x Hyper Island

Exploring AI and The Future of Product Development

LVMH partnered with Hyper Island to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. During the learning journey, our AI experts engaged LVMH's top C-suite leaders in discussions
to explore and reflect on the company’s future, leaving the journey with clear ideas and action plan.

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BNPP x Hyper Island

Navigating Digital Technologies

BNPP partnered with Hyper Island to develop an interactive online program tailored for their 2500 mid to senior-level managers. The purpose of the program was to build confidence, knowledge, and curiosity to navigate and experiment with digital trends and topics that are influencing their business.

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Pfizer x Hyper Island 1

Elevate brand activation through storytelling

Pfizer partnered with Hyper Island to create a learning program for their Global Vaccines Customer Engagement Team. During 2 years we have trained multiple times spread across the globe in different languages.

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Accenture x Hyper Island 2

Global Leadership Program for 600 emerging leaders.

Accenture partnered with us to equip leaders with new tools and skills to effectively lead an innovative workforce, and collaborate cross-pillars in the organisation.

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Your learning partner for the unknown

Download the catalogue and check our tailored offers for organisations:

Kirsty Lawrence, HR Director at Tui Airline

"Our relationship with Hyper Island has been highly collaborative, from building the right shape programme, to matching coaches with our talent, and all along focussed on having the best possible individual impact".

Kirsty Lawrence
HR Director at Tui Airline

Tailored for you

Based on your unique challenges, and strengths we can help your organisation to thrive through times of uncertainty and change.

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Hyper Island Corporate Training

How we tailor our learning journeys

Module Icons_Humans or Customers-


Our Learning Designers conduct key stakeholder interviews to gain a deeper understanding of your organisational challenges and development priorities.

Module Icons_Capstone Project


All programme elements are co-designed with your organisation, ensuring we address your current needs.

Module Icons_Future Scenarios


Immersive learning experiences that go beyond content primarily focused on learning by doing.

Module Icons_Leadership in Complexity


After the programme, we conduct an evaluation to measure the impact of our learning journey together.

Meet our Learning Designers

Discover the content of our upcoming webinars in advance with our experts!

Chris Mcgee

What are the key elements of effective teaming?

Pär Hellstadius

Conflict is a feature, not a bug.


Why Workplace Conflict is not for HR to Solve
Why Workplace Conflict is not for HR to Solve

A webinar to elucidate the nature of conflict and provide leaders with valuable insights on leveraging it as a pivotal element within their organisations.

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Leading Collaborative Teams in Organizations
This webinar seeks to untangle collaboration in your organisation and equip leaders to more confidently pivot their leadership approach to promote collaboration through trust and clarity in their teams and organisations.
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Online session
Leading Organizations in Complexity

Different types of problems require different approaches to leading. This webinar seeks to help you make sense on how to decide the right approach whether you are facing: Nuanced Problem Solving, Challenging Team Dynamics and Innovation or Crisis Management.

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Online Session
Putting conflict to work
In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment conflict is a “feature” not a “bug”. Effectively navigating and resolving conflicts within the workplace has become an essential skill for effective leadership. But how do you manage conflict constructively to enhance team dynamics and performance?
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Online Session
Webinar: Everything About AI
How to make sense of the constant flow of AI developments rushing at us? In our next webinar we will hopefully give you a bit clearer point of view on this emerging technology and its relevance to your professional life.
Join us on the January 31st! Register now!
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The Hyper Island Way



Unlike conventional approaches, at Hyper Island, we cultivate conversations that go beyond the ordinary. Our speakers and facilitators bring alternative perspectives to the forefront, sparking fresh, impactful solutions. We tackle the existential questions that many shy away from, addressing the intersections of technology, human growth, and leadership in ways others often overlook.


Immerse yourself in a learning journey that brings you up close with the material. Unlike spending excessive time in a theoretical realm, we allocate no more than 20% to theory and dedicate the remaining 80% to bridging the gap to real-world application. This ensures that our content remains relevant and practical, empowering participants to put knowledge into action.


Hyper Island learners thrive within a collaborative ecosystem. Engage, explore, and share experiences alongside fellow learners, creating an environment where co-creation and mutual growth flourish. This collaborative approach not only cultivates a strong sense of connection but also a shared journey toward progress and unity.

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