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Better Society Academy - Three Masterclasses by The Social Hub x HI
May-July 2024 Vienna, Glasgow, Amsterdam
Are you ready to unpack some of society’s most pressing issues? Join the series of three masterclasses in collaboration with Hyper Island.


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Why Workplace Conflict is not for HR to Solve
Why Workplace Conflict is not for HR to Solve

A webinar to elucidate the nature of conflict and provide leaders with valuable insights on leveraging it as a pivotal element within their organisations.

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Leading Collaborative Teams in Organizations
This webinar seeks to untangle collaboration in your organisation and equip leaders to more confidently pivot their leadership approach to promote collaboration through trust and clarity in their teams and organisations.
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Online session
Leading Organizations in Complexity

Different types of problems require different approaches to leading. This webinar seeks to help you make sense on how to decide the right approach whether you are facing: Nuanced Problem Solving, Challenging Team Dynamics and Innovation or Crisis Management.

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Online Session
Putting conflict to work
In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment conflict is a “feature” not a “bug”. Effectively navigating and resolving conflicts within the workplace has become an essential skill for effective leadership. But how do you manage conflict constructively to enhance team dynamics and performance?
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