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Digital Transformation and Strategy

On-site Stockholm


Learn the methods to work strategically and innovatively in today’s digital business landscape, as well as how to navigate uncertainty, disruption and change and become equipped with a digital-first mindset. Gain confidence and inspiration within the tech landscape, as well as the ability to implement a digital strategy right to your current business context.


This course is designed for a broad range of professionals within different industries - particularly leaders and specialists - who are aiming to supercharge their organization or team to become more effective, collaborative, and creative in today’s digital landscape. 

  • check Digital transformation & innovation mindset.
  • check Create sustainable and adaptable digital strategy.
  • check Holistic overview of how a company can evolve and transform.
Digital Transformation
Tyler Vanderwal

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About the course

What you will learn

How to navigate uncertainty, disruption and change expand_more expand_less

Equip yourself with a digital-first mindset, and understand the drivers in technology, culture, and behaviour driving change; re-framing the “digital” revolution in terms of human beings and networks.

Methods for digital strategy in business expand_more expand_less

Learn to harness the transformative potential of digital to add value to your business. Connect with relevant business cases and see what goes on behind the screen of them. 

Ideation, prototyping, data and digital tactics expand_more expand_less

Learn to apply and test your prototype through advancements in AI, data collection, and analytics, helping us better understand customer needs and opportunities.

Culture, change and digital leadership expand_more expand_less

Gain confidence and inspiration within the digital landscape and the ability to implement a digital strategy that allows for a strong and innovative culture. 

Learning Outcomes

By the time you finish this course you should have acquired the following knowledge and skills, which you’ll be able to use right away in your work, or add to your resumé:

  • Develop Strategic Digital Insight: Participants will learn how to map out digital opportunities within their existing business strategies, ensuring these opportunities align with customer demands and the overarching vision of their organization. This includes identifying key questions essential for formulating a comprehensive digital strategy that is both sustainable and adaptable.

  • Leadership in Digital Transformation: Gain the necessary confidence and knowledge to effectively implement and lead digital strategy initiatives within your organization. This outcome focuses on understanding the influence of the networked economy and emerging technologies, such as AI, on businesses, individuals, and society, preparing participants to navigate these changes strategically.

  • Practices and Tools for Digital Evolution: Acquire a  understanding of how companies can evolve and transform their business models and value propositions through innovation. Participants will get access to a variety of tools, methods, and tactics for testing and refining strategic directions, enabling them to practically apply what they've learned in the development of their digital strategies.
Receive and Share Your Certificate

You’ll receive a Professional Certificate via the Accredible platform within 1-2 weeks after completing the course.

Certificates are configured for uploading and sharing on LinkedIn or downloading as PDF.

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Johan Eriksson
Johan Eriksson

Johan is a senior learning designer and facilitator with over 10 years’ experience leading complex projects and programmes. He is skilled at working with both corporates and students, using his experience in creative production and coaching to help people and companies to transform. He is leading and developing short masterclasses and long programs and has led tailored programmes for Atlasssian, H&M and ICA. Apart from Swedbank, Nike, Procter & Gamble and Philips, and now Hyper Island, he was running an accelerator program for startups in Rwanda and conducting international leadership programs for young leaders.

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Stefan Wendin

Stefan Wendin is a transformative leader and innovator with an impressive 20-year career, delivering groundbreaking solutions across diverse industries including automotive, healthcare, and technology. Specializing in merging business strategy with advanced technologies, Stefan has executed major initiatives for several Fortune 100 companies. Also as an expert in Innovation, R&D, and Technology, Stefan is skilled in state-of-the-art technologies like Graph Analytics, Deep Learning, and various AI stacks. 


We help leaders from all over the world to drive meaningful change.

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Anne Verdaasdonk - Course participants

 “It was very hands on, with many tools you can immediately start applying in your workplace. I valued the opportunity to discuss day-to-day situations with the community. Having had the time to work with the learnings for a few months after I finished the course, both the learnings and tools are enabling better teamwork for our team.”

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Anne Verdaasdonk

Senior Digital Producer at Etcetera

Domenico Dargenio - Course participant

"I found the course to be highly experiential. I enjoyed the design of the journey, which was emotional and built on deep connections. It exceeded my expectations in every way, particularly as I didn’t know much about Hyper Island prior to joining. My experience helped to ‘validate’ the course/product for me and I was positively surprised."


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Domenico Dargenio

Consultant at Dardo Consulting

Nina Enroth - Course Participant

"Before taking the course I had been interested in the subject and studied bits and pieces here and there, so it was luxurious to be able to just enjoy the ride and suck in all the information. Most of what I learned I use at work daily. The course was an awesome experience for me."

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Nina Enroth

Account Director and Change Consultant at Ellun Kanat

Liam James - Course participant

"Each chapter of the course was crafted in a very purposeful way. Going into this with a growth mindset was key because it allowed me to be totally open to new ideas and approaches. Regardless of how much experience another course member had, there seemed to always be something to learn from each other."

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Liam James

Copywriter, Voice Over Artist & Storytelling Strategist




Build, create and experiment by creating opportunities to get hands on with the underpinnings of what’s driving change in business.



Providing the essential communication techniques to realize inclusion and empathy for others through active listening, feedback and effective dialogue.



Experiences rooted in the foundational tools, theory and models around group dynamics and team development such as IMGD (Integrated Model of Group Development).



Developing critical reflection habits for individuals and teams provides opportunity to amplify experience and outcomes.

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