Lest we forget the value of teamwork. Ever-advancing automation and AI technologies bring with them increasing concern over the value of human-led leadership and a greater need for real collaboration between diverse people.

As 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development, 1 there is still a clear need to invest in human capital. Here, we find out how our approach at Hyper Island can equip you with the tools to identify people’s potential and the diversity for a team to reach its full potential.

As we see it, technology is creating whole new ways of redefining work and reinventing the workplace, but it is leaders that are expected to drive the change.

At Hyper Island, we focus on 5 stages of group development as described in Susan Wheelan’s Integrative Model of Group Development (IMGD) :

  • Dependency and Inclusion – the formation of a team and the forming of trust and structure
  • Counterdependency and Fight – feeling secure enough to express yourself openly
  • Trust and Structure – the development of structure and roles
  • Work and Productivity – high level of trust and structure gets established
  • Disbandment – ensure that learning is extracted and that there’s a sense of closure

Why should you care about these stages? We believe CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, explains it best:

“Forget coding….what most employers want are written communication, oral communication, team-building, and leadership skills.”


Using the 5 stages to benefit your learning development

Have you experienced a lack of engagement from your team? Or have you been the one who is lacking in engagement?

If so, we have a meaningful solution.

Take the opportunity to seize the potential of group dynamics to align strategy, culture, and execution in our Leading Teams Course, which culminates our 5 stages of group development.

Here, you will gain the valuable experience of building trust and confidence in teams, and enhancing collaboration by using and applying tried and tested tools and methods. This course offers you the knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable you to:

  • have a deeper understanding of the theoretical background to team development and group dynamics
  • effectively use reflection and feedback for personal development and team building
  • increase collaboration through the understanding of human needs

We like to learn by doing.

Statistics related to care/gratitude boosting productivity:

  • Happiness makes people 12% more productive
  • 35% say that receiving gratitude has improved their job performance
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Article updated on: 11 March 2024