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19 March 2024
Feeling drained at work? Try Ikigai exercise to reinvigorate your professional purpose
17 October 2022
How active unemployment led to my dream job
08 February 2022
How do you get accepted to study at Hyper Island?

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16 May 2024
Alumni recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30
29 April 2024
Hyper Island partners with Campus Karlshamn
After nearly 30 years in Karlskrona, Hyper Island is relocating one of the Swedish campuses to the city of Karlshamn. ...
19 March 2024
Feeling drained at work? Try Ikigai exercise to reinvigorate your professional purpose
12 March 2024
Why we all need Digital Bravery to face the future
This year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary and have been reviewing every part of our plans to keep our courses, our ...
11 March 2024
What does fun at work look like and why’s it important? (2023)
Bored and tired at work? Sadly, you’re not alone.
01 February 2024
Hyper Island partners with Talent Garden to become Europe’s leading digital education provider
The new EduTech partnership between Hyper Island and Talent Garden sees these two education providers dedicate their ...
20 December 2023
The Design Leader paving the way for female tech leaders
As a design leader with significant experience in digital, from start-ups, to established agencies and the biggest of ...
31 October 2023
Google x Hyper Island: The Design Sprint experience
Design Sprints are a way of life at Hyper Island. For companies, their eyes are opened to explore new possibilities for ...
26 October 2023
Hyper Island Offers Open Learning Sessions – for Everyone “In Between”
Fifteen interactive online sessions and four physical events in Stockholm, Karlskrona, and Copenhagen. This fall, Hyper ...
25 October 2023
The agile coach on life as an IKEA intern
Hyper Island Business Development student Andra Grants is currently undertaking an internship as an agile coach at one ...
13 October 2023
How brand and design agency Several is staying ahead of the trend
Several is a small Branding and Design agency with a full-package offering. The core team met whilst studying at Hyper ...
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