We met with Digital Data Strategist student Teia from Brazil to talk to her about her experience with moving abroad to study at Hyper Island.

Tell me a bit about yourself. How old are you and where are you from?
Hi, I’m Teia. I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil and I’m 25. I moved to Stockholm last Summer to join Hyper Island. It was my first time ever in Sweden, but I had traveled through Europe before and really liked it!

What kind of education did you have before Hyper Island?
I studied a Bachelor’s degree in Communication back in Sao Paulo. After that, I worked for about a year and traveled for a while. During that time I finalized my decision to study at Hyper Island and applied.

What got you interested in Hyper Island?
I was actually thinking about Hyper Island for several years, as I wasn’t happy with the education I was receiving during my Bachelor’s. The traditional methods didn’t resonate with me, so while exploring other options I found out about Hyper Island. I think I had coffee with every single Brazilian that had ever studied at Hyper Island to figure out if it was the right fit for me. I had so many questions! I even asked one of the students studying at Hyper Island at that time to take a video of the facilities for me. He did and it was really great to get a first personal impression.

I decided Hyper Island was the place for me and then figured out which program I would like the most. Digital Data Strategist was my top pick for deepening my understanding of communication, so I applied and when I got accepted, decided to move to Sweden. For me the decision process was Hyper Island first, then the program and then the location.

Was it hard to move and settle so far away from your home?
Swedes are really different from Brazilians in both a good and bad way. They are much quieter which can be hard for us, but they are more respectful than Brazilians as well. There is a big community of Brazilians in both Stockholm and also within Hyper Island, which was really nice for me. It was easy to get in contact with people and find friends. But all Hyper Island students are open in general, so I felt very welcomed.

Finding housing in Stockholm can be a problem, but I started looking early – right after I got accepted – and it worked it well for me. I could all do it from back home without needing to travel to Sweden in advance.

All in all, I didn’t find it hard to get started or settled in Stockholm. And to be honest, I spend most of my time either in school or with fellow students anyway. I thrive on the Hyper Island community.

What do you like specifically about Sweden?
I really like how open and tolerant Swedes are. They are very welcoming towards foreigners, and everyone speaks English. You can really be who you are without trying to fit in. Also, Stockholm is a nice city. You can get everywhere quickly with public transport.

What was your favorite experience at Hyper Island so far?
I really enjoyed Hyper Way Week. It wasn’t like anything I had experienced before. It was great to build trust with so many people and it got kind of emotional. I also enjoy all the cross-programs, because it’s a great way to get in contact with students from other courses. That’s really interesting!

Are you planning to stay here after you finish studying?
I want to stay in Europe, but probably not in Sweden. I want to experience more places. I was thinking of Amsterdam or Berlin. Hyper Island has an awesome network all across Europe so I’ll probably use that to find an internship and later a job. I want to work in an advertising agency which Hyper Island has a big network for as well. I feel like this networking part is a big add-on to the education.

What do you want to say to future Hyper Island students?
There’s no need to be nervous, you will be welcome! Everybody is nice. Both Hyper Island staff and students are super open to new people and diversity is encouraged. I received all the help I needed here. I would do it again anytime. Hyper Island is worth it!

A word on living costs in Sweden?
Costs are high, but for me, it’s not an extreme difference to prices at home. If you feel like you need to earn some extra cash, there’s time to work besides studies. Some of my friends here are exploring flexible freelance opportunities or work on weekends. You can also work evenings, as most school work is done by 4 pm.

Thanks for speaking to us, Teia!

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Article updated on: 12 March 2024