With the application deadline to our third round fast approaching, we thought we’d share some additional in-depth info about our latest program offering known as the Upskill programs. We launched this new concept at Hyper Island about a year ago with the first round beginning last fall.

But what exactly is an Upskill program and why should you think of studying it at Hyper Island?

We saw an increase in demand to offer shorter programs focusing on relevant and trending areas such as UX design, sustainability, digitalization. Alongside this, there was also demand for shorter programs that cater for those currently in work, but still looking to enhance their skills and change career focus.

You can find more information about our Upskill programs here.

Check out what our Program Manager has to say about our Upskill programs.

Jenny Bergman is our first Upskill Program Manager and she started her Hyper Island journey in June 2020 and now leads two Upskill classes. As a Program Manager, she is the main contact for all her students during the Upskill programs. Here’s how Jenny would describe our Upskill program and why she thinks you should study these programs:

To develop personally and stay relevant in our fields, we need to continuously learn. If you’re in the middle of your career, it can be difficult to take a full year off to study.

“The upskill programs make it possible to combine studying with your current work commitments.”


Jenny Bergman
Program Manager

The programs typically run on a part-time basis and are suited for anyone who wants to enhance their skills or change their career focus. They can easily be combined with a part-time or full-time job, assuming your employer supports your development by freeing up some time during office hours.

There are no traditional teachers at Hyper Island. Programs are led by current industry leaders and guest lecturers from relevant organizations, who will inform and educate you about their own real-life experiences and best practises. As applicants typically already have industry experience, the programs also encourage peer-learning and sharing to build on our growing co-creative community. 


“The journey with my Upskill students so far has really been signified by the incredible amount of competence in the room!”


— Jenny Bergman
Program Manager Upskill Programs


My students are so eager to learn in order to apply the knowledge directly to their daily work, and with a variety of knowledge and experiences in the room, it really benefits the whole group. Sharing is caring! I see my students as producers; they’re the ones in charge of their own learning journey, and at Hyper, we want to provide them with the tools for lifelong learning. 

Student testimonials

But don’t just trust our word!

Find out what some of our amazing Upskill students had to say about the Upskill program and their Hyper Island journeys so far. 


“If you want to study a program applicable to the industry and the world, you should definitely study at Hyper Island. You get tools and skills you can start using right away, whether that’s in your company or wherever you work. Hyper Island is really the place to be. When I discovered this program, there was only one option I had: Apply!”


Mia Lekberg
Business Beveloper Upskill student 


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“The best thing about his Hyper Island journey so far has been the culture and the people. Even though the majority of the program is being held remotely, the atmosphere in our class has been amazing. There is a sharing culture where everyone inspires and shares knowledge with each other. We have a lot of fun together. I think this has been the key to staying focused and motivated while studying from home”.

Max Lindvall

UX Designer Upskill student

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Article updated on: 11 March 2024