In the Hyper Island Master’s Program, Reflecting together in a group paves the way for collaborative learning as everyone shares their experiences of the previous events and days with each other. The dialogue in the reflection provides you with the opportunity to reinforce your experiences but also to get a chance to access other perceptions from the rest of the group. This helps you to alter deep-seated thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

Reflection theory

To underline the importance of reflection, we exemplify with the following methods of categorizing knowledge and experiences:


Remembering is reviewing what has happened or been said. This method includes repeating facts as they were perceived.


Reviewing involves looking at events with the purpose of evaluating them critically. This may lead to assessments on things; good or bad. 


Relating involves looking at the learnings and assessing their possible impact in a personal context. This rarely leads to participants including themselves in the events, taking responsibility for what happened, or taking action.


What we encourage is reflection. Reflecting involves considering, thinking about, and exploring what the event meant to me, how I relate to what has happened, what I experienced, and how I feel about it. What does this mean to me?

The impact and power of reflection appear when ‘adaptation’ takes place; when we change our patterns in relation to the experience and knowledge and actually apply it to a new or a similar situation.

Example questions to support the reflection: 

  • What happened that affected me?
  • What did/do I feel about this?
  • What did I learn?

… about myself and/or my behaviour?

… about other people and/or other people’s behaviour? 

… about groups and/or the behaviour of groups?

  • How can my behaviour or the behaviour of others make it easier for the group to achieve effective learning?
  • How can my behaviour or the behaviour of others hinder the group to achieve effective learning?
  • What did I hold off from doing/what stopped me?
  • What can I do to get more out of the Hyper Island Way Week?

… For myself?

… For others?

  • How can I apply what I learned in other situations?

Questions related to norms & diversity

  • What did I learn about diversity from this experience?
  • What norms did I notice during this experience?
  • Which of my values did I act the most on?
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Article updated on: 11 March 2024