Hyper Island, a creative business school with consulting services in Stockholm, has responded positively to the impact of switching education online by planning for this decision as part of their Covid-19 contingency plan.

The experienced online learning provider has responded with immediacy to the recommendation by the government that voluntary forms of education be conducted remotely amid Covid-19. This comes as a result of Hyper Island’s years of experience in creating online learning experiences via online courses that focus on soft and hard skills. All staff members, students and collaborators have been encouraged to work remotely, practice social distancing, and stay at home if showing any signs of illness.

Using learnings from the blended 18-month Business Developer program, Hyper Island has managed to start well in advance to prepare for making the online switch and securing the quality of the student’s education. With the future of learning seemingly going in this direction, the Hyper Island students have the opportunity to become well prepared by using the right tools and the most suitable technology under the supervision of skilled facilitators. The result sees a tailor-made educational learning journey built for those who are located anywhere in the world.


“We already know the engaging design elements from many years of experience, and we acknowledge that technology has to be selected purposefully.”


|Christopher-Robin Eklund - Programs Director in Stockholm

Program Director Stockholm Christoper-Robin Eklund

“No matter what happens in the world, we believe in the importance of people connecting, learning, supporting each other, and for education to continue. Under the circumstances, we’re confident that we can ensure that our students complete their education on time and get out into the market to fill the skills deficit we see in many of the sectors for which we are providing talent.”


| Jörg Teichgraeber - Programs Director in Karlskrona


Other benefits we aim to provide with the program

As part of their B2B offering, Hyper Island has also created a toolbox for working remotely, a selection of tips and tools to support individuals for successful online collaboration and facilitation.


For more information, please contact:

Helena Ekman, Managing Director Sweden, Email: helena.ekman@hyperisland.com



Hyper Island is a creative business school with consulting services which enables individuals and organisations to see, understand and act upon the opportunities created by digital and technological evolution. Hyper Island supports you to change your tomorrow by sharing competence and creating confidence through collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Founded in 1996 in Sweden, Hyper Island now works with individuals and businesses in London, Manchester, Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, Stockholm and Karlskrona. In addition to fully bespoke programmes for organisations, Hyper Island offers a range of educational options from 3-day intensive courses to a fully accredited master’s degree programme.

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Article updated on: 12 March 2024