Hyper Island is delighted to announce the appointment of Helena Ekman as its new CEO, effective 1 January 2021.

16 December 2020: Hyper Island is delighted to announce the appointment of Helena Ekman (LinkedIn) as its new CEO, effective 1 January 2021.

Helena has been a key member of Hyper Island’s leadership team since 2017. Announcing Helena’s appointment, Hyper Island’s Chairman, Patrik Salén said:


“Helena has distinguished herself as a highly energetic and inspirational leader whose creativity and positive attitude are among her greatest strengths.”


| Patrik Sahlén - Chairman of Hyper Island


Commenting on Helena Ekman’s appointment, departing CEO Fredrik Månsson* said:


“I have had the privilege of working very closely with Helena during this special and tough year. I have seen, first-hand, Helena’s qualities and great engagement. Her business acumen and true understanding of Hyper Island’s core values and DNA means that Hyper Island will start its 25th year with a strong leader and team player.”


| Fredrik Månsson - CEO

Reflecting on her appointment, Helena said:


“I am honored to have been asked to lead this wonderful organization and ecosystem of bold and passionate changemakers. I’ve always loved a challenge, and when we leave 2020 behind us, one thing is clear: Hyper Island is more needed today than ever before. I’m excited to lead an organization that enables both students and clients to embrace uncertainty and to learn to not only be resilient, but to also grow in a world of constant change. That is thrilling to say the least!”


|Helena Ekman - CEO as of January 1, 2021


The “Hyper Island Way”—the combination of self-leadership, teamwork, and curiosity for learning new things in a digital world—is now more relevant than ever in a post-pandemic environment. “We all need to chip in to change the world for the better, and we will play our part by offering a methodology that continuously proves to be helping people grow, innovate, and create amazing things,” commented Helena.

Helena, who was born and educated in Sweden, has worked and lived in several countries during her career and brings a solid understanding of digitalization, as well as how learning can be a valuable vehicle for change. She currently lives in Stockholm with her husband and two children.

*Fredrik Månsson will replace Patrik Salén as Chairman of the Board, effective 1 January. Patrik Salén will continue to act as part of the board.


For more information, please contact:

Marketing department: marketing@hyperisland.com



Hyper Island is a creative business school with consulting services which enables individuals and organisations to see, understand and act upon the opportunities created by digital and technological evolution. Hyper Island supports you to change your tomorrow by sharing competence and creating confidence through collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Founded in 1996 in Sweden, Hyper Island now works with individuals and businesses in London, Manchester, Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, Stockholm and Karlskrona. In addition to fully bespoke programmes for organisations, Hyper Island offers a range of educational options from 3-day intensive courses to a fully accredited master’s degree programme.

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