Hyper Island is delighted to announce the appointment of Heidi Rundt as its new CEO.

After six years in various leadership roles at Hyper Island, most recently as Managing Director Europe, Heidi Rundt has been named the new CEO of the company. Heidi’s key responsibilities as the newly appointed CEO include preparing and supporting corporate clients and students of the school to navigate the unknown and continuing Hyper Island’s global expansion.

In a rapidly changing world and work environment, individuals and organizations need to be ready to adapt and constantly learn new things. Hyper Island equips people and organizations for the future through a well-proven methodology.


” – We must learn to navigate the unknown. We are an alternative to traditional learning and education, that primarily imparts facts and knowledge. Our customers, whether it’s the executive team of a global corporation or students who have chosen a new career direction, acquire essential human skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity, resilience, and collaboration. Regardless of the technologies that develop and how AI is used, at Hyper Island, we aim to ensure the human competencies needed for the future,” says Heidi Rundt.


Since joining Hyper Island in May 2017, Heidi has been responsible for developing the company’s offerings in organizational change, vocational education, and most recently, European expansion. Last year, Hyper Island delivered over 130 projects across the globe to organisations, focusing on strengthening their leadership, innovation and marketing skills. 


“Our tailor made client deliveries actually come from a client demand, alumnis from courses and programs seeing the need for transformation in their companies, and a new business area was born,” says Heidi Rundt.


As a key member of the leadership team, Heidi played a crucial role in guiding Hyper Island through the challenges of the pandemic and establishing new online courses, including part-time master’s programs.

Fredrik Månsson, Chairman of the Board for Hyper Island, comments on the appointment of Heidi Rundt as the new CEO:

“- Heidi’s leadership has been an integral part of Hyper Island’s successes in recent years. After working closely with Heidi for six years, I am confident that she is the right person to lead Hyper Island into the next chapter and continue the ongoing global expansion.”

Global Expansion on the Horizon

Amid the pandemic (2020–2022), Hyper Island experienced its strongest financial years as the delivery of both client projects and education shifted to online. This year they welcome more international students to the vocational school than ever before, and are deepening the collaboration with their global corporate clients with tailored made deliveries in Europe, APAC and Americas.

When the education company Talent Garden acquired a majority ownership of Hyper Island, announced at the end of 2021, they now form one of the largest corporate groups in digital education in Europe, having educated more than 25,000 students last year.

On Heidi’s appointment, Founder and Executive Chairman of Talent Garden Davide Dattoli commented: “Heidi’s strong background in the sales and education sectors coupled with her in-depth knowledge of Hyper Island’s organisation makes her the ideal candidate for the next phase of growth. We’re thrilled Heidi has agreed to take on the role of CEO.”

Today, Hyper Island operates globally with offices and campuses in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, Brazil.

About Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a global education company that designs learning experiences. Through a well-proven methodology rooted in “learn by doing,” Hyper Island prepares individuals and organizations for the future.

About Talent Garden:
A leading digital skills academy that has combined work life and learning to empower people and organisations through transformative experiences. We teach vanguard digital skills to implement a growth mindset. We enable powerful connections in the digital ecosystem through our network of campuses. We nurture the biggest European community of tech talents who are shaping the future.In short, we create growth opportunities to unlock people’s highest potential in the digital world.

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Article updated on: 12 March 2024