Pfizer partnered with Hyper Island to create a learning program for their Global Vaccines Customer Engagement Team. The purpose was to learn and understand how to use storytelling as a tool for unifying and strengthening your brand.


In 2019, the Global Vaccines Customer Engagement Team collaborated with Hyper Island to create a brand activation and storytelling training session for almost 60 global colleagues. Based on the specific needs of the teams and business units engaged in the training, the brand activation and storytelling training was adapted to meet specific learning outcomes and delivery formats.

Core objectives

  • Understand the need for storytelling and new dynamics of shared communications and experiences
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of a mentor brand
  • Identify the core needs of the customer
  • Understand effective use of storytelling tools and concepts to tell stories with impact

Result and Impact

The course participants were able to elevate brand activation through new storytelling tools and concepts/core principles of branding to create a powerful framework that helps the markets find clarity and purpose.


In the new market dynamic that we explored during the course, the brand serves and develops communities who, in turn, subscribe to the brand’s values and services. Through a better understanding of the brand platform and tools to live the brand, the client realized the opportunity for multiple markets to learn from this training.This resulted in a two-year collaboration with Hyper Island, training 50% of all Pfizer’s Global markets.

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Article updated on: 19 June 2024