Meet Hyper Island alumni Johannes Fast, a global creative mind who has started his own company after completing internships in agencies across Italy, USA, and Sweden.

Johannes transitioned his career from sound to motion design and joined Hyper Island’s Motion Designer course in Karlskrona, Sweden. He utilized the program and networks to secure multiple internships and design his motion career to fit his lifestyle and vision.

What caused you to change careers from sound design to becoming a motion designer?

“I had a startling realization one day. I was doing a music video for Avicii. It was the dream job, but I just wanted to go home.”

Reflecting on himself, Johannes realized that he was a visual thinker.

“My colleagues in the sound industry told me they heard melodies in their heads. But my ideas always appeared as pictures instead rather than music.”

That’s when Johannes decided to explore motion and animation design.

What brought you to Hyper Island? Was there a challenge you solved by joining us?

After hearing about Hyper Island, Johannes was deciding between the Digital Media Creative and Motion Designer program. He took the initiative to connect with alumni and ask them about their experiences:

“They told me that the two year motion program was made for folks who are just starting out and that they work closely in a more tight-knit group. I thought that was the most strategic plan.”

What were your greatest insights during the Motion Designer Program?

“I went from not knowing any technical skills to a full career in motion design after two years in the program. You learn so much in that time. You also get close to people and grow a connection with them that continues after the program.”

“The Hyper Island methodologies also helped me become more open and less introverted.”

Johannes gained both the technical and soft skills at Hyper Island, including the network of industry professionals that he leveraged to transition successfully into motion design.

How did the Motion Designer Program prepare you to work in the industry?

Johannes found the structure of the program, with real client projects, coaching from industry professionals, and immersion in the learning methodology, extremely valuable.

Because it covered so much of how to deal with clients, and so much of the motion design process, and how to budget, the program helped me understand what you need to know and what do you need to plan for a real project. This was exactly what I needed to be able to start my own company and work independently as a motion designer.

“They also gave me the tools to learn anything. They teach you to teach yourself. If you can adopt that way of thinking, the program generates value for the rest of your life.”

How was the step from school to working life?

Johannes at his internship at BRIKK

“During my program, I interned first in Italy at Nerdo for cel animation and then in Boston at Black Math.”

After completing his program as well as his internships, Johannes decided to try freelancing.

What is life like now as a motion designer? What made you embrace the freelance life?

“I wanted to freelance because I could make much more. I also value my freedom and control over how I manage my time. I’m into kite-surfing and it’s a pleasure to catch good wind during the day and work on animation in the evening.”

Johannes is now enjoying his life as a freelance creative and managing multiple projects while catching waves and pursuing his passion in the outdoors. Future steps include possibly moving to Asia or another exciting continent and continuing to freelance from there. The world is his oyster!

Would you be willing to share some of your work to inspire prospective students?

The clip of animation that Johannes animated (full video here). “One of my proudest projects I did early in my Hyper Island program.”

McDonald’s Ad – cell animation (Completed at Johannes’ internship at Nerdo Animation)

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Article updated on: 12 March 2024