Thinking now of applying to Hyper Island or having had a good idea laying on the shelf for the last months? Great, then I am here to help you!


My name is Lisa Nyberg and I am a Design Lead student and a Digital Media Creative alumni. You read right people, I have completed Hyper Island twice, which means I have gone through the process you are in right now, twice. Both of my application tasks got me in, but more importantly for you, I did it in less than 10 hours. But no sweat dear future students, I will give you my best tips for not only succeeding with your application task but to also finish it in less than 24 hours.

The Concept

Look, what you are presenting is a concept, idea, dream, vision etc. So don’t worry about composing an Oscar-winning score for the background music, having to code your own app or sweating about copyright on images. Yeah, if you are going to make
this idea into real life, then you probably have to consider creating original assets, but not for the creative task.

Use free sources like Unsplash, Mr. Mockup (freebies) and search for tracks online to use in your product/service.

But the focus here is the idea and how well you are explaining it. I would suggest breaking it down into parts, beginning to end, so the assessor has a bigger chance to understand how you arrived at your concept.


The most important thing when it comes to delivery is that having a $50 Million Dollar marvel movie production won’t necessarily give you a leg up in the application process. When I applied the first time to Digital Media Creative, I handed in a PDF with the idea and motivation for the idea. The second time I created a keynote, following the structure as Cannes lion presentations go. The point is, don’t spend time doing an animated movie if it’s not going to help you communicate the idea
better. Rather look at what you can do, realistically, during the time that you have left.

Some formats that don’t take forever to do is:

  • PDF + Images
  • Keynote / Powerpoint presentation
  • Podcast

Some formats that take forever to do is:

  • Animated movie
  • A website
  • A full interactive (done) app mockup
  • A parade with 100 kittens

Sending it off

I would recommend sending your application task in as soon as possible before the deadline at midnight. Because it has happened so many times that the website is overloaded with everyone sending their tasks in, or you realize your file is too big to be uploaded.

And folk, please remember that your application task can only be a maximum of 3 minutes, be in English, don’t be too large to upload and have fun with it!

Good Luck!

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Article updated on: 13 March 2024