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MA Digital Management

Full-time Stockholm


11 Months






196 000 SEK


Go beyond conventional practices on how to create effective teams and business value. Together with your peers from all around the world, you will become the kind of leader needed in today's business world: one that’s adaptive, collaborative, and creatively driven.

  • check Apply if you have over 3 years of work experience or hold a Bachelor's degree.
  • check Learn while working with real clients.
  • check Get hands-on during your master's thesis.
Start Date

September 2024


Full-time Onsite - Stockholm

August 2025


6 Areas of Full-time Study expand_more expand_less

During the Master's Program you will explore 6 areas of study:

  • Humans or Customers
  • Intelligent Machines
  • Business Transformation and Innovation
  • Agile Making and Prototyping
  • Power of Networks
  • Leading Teams

Download the detailed program here.

Industry Research Project (IRP) expand_more expand_less


The Industry Research Project (IRP) is Hyper Island's equivalent of the traditional Master's thesis.

As a Master's student, you can complete your thesis project from anywhere in the world, at an organisation/work context of your own choice. 

Download the detailed program here.

Build a Global Network expand_more expand_less

You will be a part of a diverse, global crew of learners from all kinds of industries.

Example of previous crews:
Marketing, Media & Broadcasting, Design, Tech, Investment & Market Strategy, IT, Retail & E-Commerce, Creative Education, Project Management, Health, Growth Consultancy, Events and more.

Accredited Master's Degree powered by Teesside University expand_more expand_less

The program is designed in partnership with and accredited by Teesside University (UK).

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Master of Arts Degree in Digital Management, a qualification that is recognized worldwide. 

The Hyper Island Way™


Through experience-based learning you will have the opportunity to learn while working with real clients on their challenges.


Full Time Master's students in Stockholm collaborated with Adidas as a client for their Design Thinking module.


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Working in small teams, the master's students had 6 hours to ideate, research and prototype their initiatives with the United Nations. 


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Website - Learning Partnerships Cases

Master's students collaborated with BBC where they worked on understanding the changing workspace for the neurodiverse.


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Upon graduation, you will be equipped to get hired or to start your own business. 
9 out of 10 master's students get full-time employment within 6 months of graduation.


Alumni work at

YH Page - Google logo

Alumni work at

YH Page - Spotify logo

Alumni work at

YH Page - IKEA logo

Team is Everything

We believe human collaboration is the essential leadership skill to drive meaningful change.
Here, you’ll practice how to develop high-performing teams.


Build Psychological Safety


Practice reflection habits


Create a Feedback Culture


Facilitate Retrospective Sessions


Become an empathetic leader


Facilitate Team Development sessions

The application process

Check the entry requirements expand_more expand_less
1) Applicants must have over 3 years of work experience or hold a Bachelor's Degree.

2) Non-EU applicants may be required to submit IELTS results.
If you are a non-EU applicant and have not received English education at university-level - or are from a country where English is not the main spoken language - you will be required to prove your English level with IELTS Academic exam results (score minimum of 6.0, no less than 5.5 on each section).
3) Students are required to be full-time at our Stockholm campus during the first 6 months of the program.

The program requires you to be on the Hyper Island campus for 6 months in Stockholm, where you will be studying from Monday to Friday, 9:00-5:00. For the remaining 6 months, you will embark on your Industry Research Project. This project must be completed within a professional context, remotely from anywhere in the world.


If you are curious about the living costs in Stockholm, we suggest this website:

Please, contact our admissions team if you are unsure of your eligibility.
Check the student visa requirements expand_more expand_less

If you are a non-EU resident and get admitted into this full-time program, you will need a residence permit for other studies.

Hyper Island will support applications for a 6-month residence permit to Sweden to cover the on-campus part of the program.
Please contact our admissions team with any questions about the required permit and application process.

Scholarships expand_more expand_less

We do not offer scholarships at the moment. Our admissions team can support you to understand how your current employer can fund your studies at Hyper Island. 

Please, contact our admissions team if want to explore employer funding possibilities.

Nordic Government Funding is not available expand_more expand_less

Please note this is not a CSN-approved program.

Please, contact our admissions team if you have any questions.

Submit your application expand_more expand_less

Don't miss the application deadline: March 15, 2024

Sign the contract and pay your tuition fee expand_more expand_less

There are two standard payment options for this program:

  • Full payment
  • Payment through installments
As your preference may differ based on whether you are funding the program independently or through your employer, we ask you to please speak to our admissions manager for more information.


Troy Lim is a Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Hyper Island Alumni

 “We’re living in a digital age where new technology is constantly emerging and disrupting how we do business. Luckily or unluckily, depending on one’s perspective, is that no one has cracked it – not even Google or Facebook can say for certain what Digital will be like 10 years from now. Hyper Island equips you with the skills to think about Digital in ways that are technology agnostic. So the knowledge and critical thinking skills you attain will have a far longer shelf life than the next iPhone.

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Troy Lim

Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather

Raphael Reber MA alumni forbes 30 under 30

 “What I really liked about Hyper Island was being in a constant feedback loop. Learning new, going to work, applying it, and then going back to studying and exploring. It was a constant input of new ideas with the ability to apply them directly. I really liked this aspect and it was a good decision for me to study part-time at Hyper Island.

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Raphael Reber

Co-Founder of Impact Hub Bern & Forbes 30 under 30

Eunice Hong Senior Designer at Proctor & Gamble Hyper Island Alumni

"As expected, I’ve started to develop a digital mindset. What I did not expect was how Hyper Island have honed my critical thinking ability, which was emphasised through the journey. It’s definitely a lifelong learning skill that will continue to help me grow. I have learned a lot about myself, including my tenacity for learning. No matter how hectic work have been, I look forward to my monthly classes at Hyper Island."

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Eunice Hong

Senior Designer at Proctor & Gamble

Mari Maluf, MA Alumni, Former Lead, Market Insights Center of Excellence Unilever

"It's a provocative way of thinking. A powerful combination of people and ideas that helps you to evolve."

Mari Maluf

Market Insights Lead at Unilever

Accredited Master of Arts Degree

The program is designed in partnership with and accredited by Teesside University.

Website_MA Teesside x Hyper Island Partnership


Get invited to our events and open sessions and experience what is like to be part of the Hyper Island Community.

- Meet current students and alumni
- Learn from Industry Experts
- Experience our learn-by-doing approach