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Team-up with our students to make a real impact.

We accept real industry challenges

For 25 years, more than 45,000 Hyper Island alumni graduated with knowledge and experience from real projects, real brands, and real clients.

Experience-based learning means that our students are ready to impact your business the instant they start working at your company.

That’s why our Learning Partnerships mean so much to our students and our clients.

Join a selected group of brands that have given Hyper Island students have access to the real world.


When you become one of our selected Learning Partners you’ll:

  • check Share a real business challenge (brief) with a team of students from our world-changing programs and courses.
  • check Receive innovative and creative solutions from a team of students who will approach your challenge from a fresh and diverse perspective.
  • check Invest in your business by engaging our students in internship opportunities or by becoming a mentor to inspiring talent.
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Google design sprint at Hyper Island

Sprint to Success with Hyper Island Students

Work with motivated young talent on real life challenges in a compressed 3 day workshop setting.

That’s why for the last 28 years, Hyper Island has helped thousands of leaders and organizations worldwide in prospering during challenging times.

If you are driving change, here is how we can help you build better tomorrows.

Upcoming Projects

Your business needs innovative solutions.

Our students need real-world challenges to solve.

AUG 19 2024 CET — Oct 11 2024 CET


Creative studio brief


This course explores running a company, connecting daily operations to vision and strategy. Students create businesses, deliver to clients, and apply previous learnings and new methods.


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Sept 4 2024 CET — Dec 6 2024 CET


Motion studio brief


This course covers creating a business plan for a motion design studio, including strategy, marketing, and finance. Students will also learn to run their studio, focusing on production, client communication, and budgeting.

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Aug 16 2024 CET — Nov 1 2024 CET


Consumer-driven design brief

This UX Design course emphasizes inclusive design, ethics, and research-driven approaches. Students will master diversity in design, validate assumptions, and enhance skills, preparing them for real-world challenges.

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Get Inspired

Google x Hyper Island Learning Partnership

160 students collaborated with Google employees to create game-changing solutions during a three-day Design Sprint.

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Volvo x Hyper Island Learning Partnership

Business Development program students took part in the annual Volvo Hack Sprint to focus on driving change.

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Bolt x Hyper Island Learning Partnership

Together with Bolt, Content Developer students created a memorable campaign to address parking anger.

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Trusted by leading brands

Join a selected group of brands that have given

Hyper Island students have access to the real world. #nofilters


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