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Business Transformation Webinars

Learn how to navigate between the predictable and unpredictable, make sense of complexity and lead organisations throughout the unknown.

Events for forward-thinking organisations

From leading organisations through adaptive situations to equipping leaders with new collaboration habits, you will learn how to better navigate between the predictable and unpredictable in a series of events specially curated by our learning designers.

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Facilitator Anders Lundkvist (1)

Rather than pretending it doesn’t exist, make sense of how and why complexity gets people stuck. Then turn that into opportunities.

Facilitator: Anders Lundkvist

Duration: 30 minutes

Format: Online On-Demand


Equipping leaders to adopt new collaboration habits in their teams and organisations. 


Facilitator: Chris McGee

Date: 8 May

Time: 12:00 CET

Duration: 30 minutes

BT webinar june square

Collaborative ways of interpreting conflict and how to lead into solutions.


Facilitator: Pär Hellstadius

Date: 11 June

Time: 12:00 CET

Duration: 30 minutes

Why should you
join us?

  • Leadership Enhancement
    Develop skills to lead through complexity and uncertainty.

  • Effective Problem-Solving
    Learn strategies for tackling diverse organisational challenges.

  • Adaptation to Change
    Equip yourself to thrive in a constantly evolving business landscape.

  • Staying Competitive
    Stay ahead of industry trends to drive innovation and success.

  • Smart Learning
    Elevate your skills in just 30 minutes during your lunch break!
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