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Senior Leader
Level 7 Apprenticeship Programme


20 Months


London (GMT)




Become a leader prepared to the unknown

Taking yourself on a transformative journey to become a new kind of leader that can go beyond conventional thinking practices to create high-performing teams and drive transformation.

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Hybrid: online interactive and onsite meet-ups.

Hyper Island - Level 7 Apprenticeship Programme

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Programme Overview

How you will learn expand_more expand_less

Taking you on a transformative journey to become a new kind of leader that can go beyond conventional thinking practices to create high performing teams and drive transformation.

This programme equips leaders with the skills and a robust toolkit to directly apply in your organisation. Employees will lead, unafraid to innovate and change the rules, with the skills to be able to adapt and constantly manage change to remain relevant and successful.

Our Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship can be used as a prior learning to gain a Masters Degree in Digital Management at Teesside University.

Key Learning Outcomes expand_more expand_less
Knowledge: Skills: Behaviours:
  • Leading Teams
  • Humans or Customers
  • Intelligent Machines
  • Business Transformation & Innovation
  • Future Scenarios
  • Radical Perspectives


  • Reflection
  • Growth Mindset
  • Challenging the ‘norm’
  • Effective Feedback
  • Leading Change


  • Psychological safety in teams
  • Collaboration
  • Co-creation
  • Role model 
  • Operating ethically



Modules expand_more expand_less
  • Humans or Customers
  • Intelligent Machines
  • Business Transformation
  • Future Scenarios
  • Radical Perspectives
  • End Point Assessments
  • Wrap-up Days
  • Self Reflection & Apprenticeship Reviews in the end of each module
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Troy Lim is a Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Hyper Island Alumni

 “We’re living in a digital age where new technology is constantly emerging and disrupting how we do business. Luckily or unluckily, depending on one’s perspective, is that no one has cracked it – not even Google or Facebook can say for certain what Digital will be like 10 years from now. Hyper Island equips you with the skills to think about Digital in ways that are technology agnostic. So the knowledge and critical thinking skills you attain will have a far longer shelf life than the next iPhone.

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Troy Lim

Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather

Raphael Reber MA alumni forbes 30 under 30

 “What I really liked about Hyper Island was being in a constant feedback loop. Learning new, going to work, applying it, and then going back to studying and exploring. It was a constant input of new ideas with the ability to apply them directly. I really liked this aspect and it was a good decision for me to study part-time at Hyper Island.

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Raphael Reber

Co-Founder of Impact Hub Bern & Forbes 30 under 30

Eunice Hong Senior Designer at Proctor & Gamble Hyper Island Alumni

"As expected, I’ve started to develop a digital mindset. What I did not expect was how Hyper Island have honed my critical thinking ability, which was emphasised through the journey. It’s definitely a lifelong learning skill that will continue to help me grow. I have learned a lot about myself, including my tenacity for learning. No matter how hectic work have been, I look forward to my monthly classes at Hyper Island."

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Eunice Hong

Senior Designer at Proctor & Gamble

Mari Maluf, MA Alumni, Former Lead, Market Insights Center of Excellence Unilever

"It's a provocative way of thinking. A powerful combination of people and ideas that helps you to evolve."

Mari Maluf

Market Insights Lead at Unilever


We help leaders from all over the world  to drive meaningful change.


Empowering Females and Ethnic Minority Groups

Together with the Global Media Agency Havas, we have co-created their own Academy with a vision to empower females and ethnic minority groups.

We have carefully selected industry leaders from these demographics to inspire and talk about the tools they have used to overcome barriers on their journey to be successful leaders.

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Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 09.42.17

Exciting Journey: Soho House x Hyper Island

Soho House, a global hospitality leader, embarked on an exhilarating apprenticeship journey with Hyper Island. Known for luxury experiences, Soho House recognized the value of investing in talent. This collaboration reshaped their apprenticeship programme. Apprentices thrived in a dynamic, inclusive learning environment, gaining practical skills and insights aligned with Soho House's ethos. This partnership is a testament to the synergy between industry leaders and innovative education, shaping the future of hospitality.

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Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 09.41.24

Trippin x Hyper Island Apprenticeship Journey

Trippin, a visionary travel platform, embarked on a fantastic apprenticeship journey with Hyper Island. Fusing creativity and innovation, they've redefined their program, nurturing talent and shaping the future of travel.

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Build, create and experiment by creating opportunities to get hands on with the underpinnings of what’s driving change in business.



Providing the essential communication techniques to realize inclusion and empathy for others through active listening, feedback and effective dialogue.



Experiences rooted in the foundational tools, theory, and models around group dynamics and team development.



Developing critical reflection habits for individuals and teams provides opportunity to amplify experience and outcomes.


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